I’m freakin’ obsessed with my personality test profile !!!

I’m talking about the Myers Briggs Personality test. During one night of boredom, I decided to take one of those Facebook tests for fun. I had taken the Myers test about 4 years ago, so I was curious to see what would come out. Some things were the same, some weren’t. I went from a ISTJ to an INFP. Okay, so everything changed, except for the Introvert part. It’s probably true though, that everyone use both of each. So, I still use my “Sensing” and my “Intuition”. Only at this stage in my life, I’m using “Intuition” more than “Sensing”.

Photo from Twoeyes Cat

Some of my friends have taken the Myers Briggs test and didn’t find it accurate at all. The opposite happened to me. I saw it, I read the description and went…”That’s me…put into words. That’s exactly how I feel.” So, now, I’m freakin’ obsessed about learning more about life as an INFP.

I’ve even been thinking about ways I could justify some things that I do or have done in the past, using my personality profile. This is what I would like to say, not what I would actually say, since I’m too non-confrontational to actually voice all this out loud:

To My Dad:

“Hey Dad, remember how you and the school threatened to make me repeat kindergarten because I couldn’t write or color within the lines? Well, it’s because I’m an INFP and  I tend to see possibilities in things. I saw possibilities outside those confining lines…By the way, I’ve still never met a 3-year old who could write within the lines…just sayin'”

To my grade school friends:

“Remember how you used to make fun of me, for writing those funny little stories, and entertaining you at recess with those stories that never made any sense? It’s because as an INFP,  I actually have an imagination and I don’t mind using it from time to time! If I end up writing a best-seller one day, I may or may not base some of my characters on you and you may or may not be the bad guys.”

To Roommates past:

“Of course, you can talk to me about it. No, I am NOT too sensitive or fragile. Just because as an INFP, I empathize with people and I try my best to fix whatever’s wrong doesn’t mean i’m going to burst into the tears the moment you bring it up. “

To my mother:

“No, Mom. I’m not unhappy because I want everyone to be like me. I just want everyone to have my values…which i know is a ridiculous thing to ask from the world”.

To the high school freshman boys:

“I’m not too deep. You’re just too shallow!”

Words spoken years, even decades too late. Even though the analytical part of my brain wants to argue that it’s insane to want to classify people into little boxes, the other part is doing a little dance. Seeing my personality traits put into words even helped me decide on a career path! I see potential in people and in situations. Wanna hear it?

I want to help young people fulfill their potentials by helping them figure out what they want to do with their lives. Student Affairs, anyone?


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