Career Path Confusion

Coming back to school has been quite bittersweet. On one hand, it’s nice to be around friends again and to feel like you’re working towards something. On the other hand, it’s being thrown into a mix of different personality types and leadership styles.

I’ve been confused lately about what to do after college, and it doesn’t help that I’m a senior and have to endure the question “what’s next for you?” every day. I’ve been trying to decide between various paths for a while.

Recently, I’ve felt like Student Affairs Administration is the direction in which I should go. I like working with young adults and I like the college environment. Only, I’ve been reading a lot of people’s comments about the field on various websites and I’m quickly losing the initial pull that I’ve had to the field.

I’m minoring in Global Health and have been thinking about Health Education, or have a way to mix Global Health Education and International Exchange, but I have no idea what that equates, what types of degrees I should be seeking, whether or not I should work for a year or two before going to graduate school or not. I keep getting mixed advice on that. Also, it seems like to get ahead in the Global Health field, you have to go spend a few years in a hut somewhere, “rough” it, almost get killed and live to tell about it to get a job. Also, looking at the different job descriptions in the field, it looks like you have to speak at least 3 languages to be even considered for anything. I only speak 3 languages, 2 that are European and I’m not sure I want to go sleep in someone’s hut for a few years, just for the “experience”. It seems almost unethical, like using other’s poverty for your gain.

I’ve also thought about law school, only I feel like I don’t know much about that field and being a lawyer doesn’t exactly go with my personality of creativity, passion and a very strong values-centered orientation. I’m a INFP after all.

So, I’m thoroughly confused. While the other college seniors tell me about the grad schools’ plans, whether law school or med school or clinical research, I remain clueless.


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