Financial Aid Catatrosphe: Avoided

Money Grab 2 by Steve Wampler.

Photo from Steve Wampler

One of the places I dread going at the beginning of each semester is the Financial Aid office. One would that as a senior, I would have gotten the hang of all the financial aid buzzwords, “pending aid”, “budget increase”, “bursared” already, but my stomach is still in knots as I get closer to that building.

Today’s episode consisted of the counselor looking at me in the face after announcing how much I owe to the “oh-so-grand-institution-of-learning” and saying, “what do you plan to do about it?” ¬†Ummm…sell my kidneys? sell the rights to my first-born child? No? Ok, more loans then.

Long story short, I’m the proprietor of more loans at 8 % interest rate, starting to accrue after I graduate. After my heart did a couple of sommersaults when I thought about what my post-college life is going to be like, trying to repay this loans, on my probably crappy entry-level job, I realized that this was a better alternative than not getting to graduate because I owe the university money.

I do hope this ivy-league degree is worth something when we graduate. Here’s to hoping and looking up !


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