Monthly Archives: September 2009

To my surprise, there are actually classes at Cornell that focuses on Higher Education. And since with my major, everything has to have a policy dimension to it, I’ll be learning a lot about Higher Education Policy.

It feels like you can tack “Policy” at the end of anything, really. People actually study these things probably: Air Policy, Pet Policy, Wardrobe Policy, Literature Policy. Anyway, I’m excited to be learning more about Higher Education and teaching, in general.

I had a talk with one of the counselors and turns out she’s an INFP too. She gave me lots of good advice on Masters programs, and post-college endeavors.

Another reason to smile: my schedule is now fixed and…NO CLASSES ON FRIDAY! Even though I have 2 classes during the week at 8:40am, no classes on Friday sounds amazing.

I should probably get on that GRE thing.