Fall Break (would like)to-do list

After a coffee-fueled, sleepless week, Fall break is finally here. Which means, we can do whatever we want for 5 days. Well…2 if you discount the weekend. It’s so quiet tonight (on a Friday night?) since most students have decided to go back to mommy and daddy…or at least do a warmer climate. I chose to stay to get my crap together, which basically means learning what I should have learned 2 weeks ago, figuring out when I want to take the GRE, and which step I want to take after Cornell: Americorps, a job or grad school?

Ok…realistically, though, Fall Break is so laid back that actual work rarely gets done. Here’s what I’ve done so far with my free, no-hassles time: ate enough junk food for a roomful of girls having a “we-hate-men” party, caught up on episodes of “How I met your mother” and NCIS, slept in till 1:00 pm and caught on my favorite blogs.


My wall is covered with sticky notes about what I would like to do before my last Fall Break is over. Here are some of my (ambitious) goals:

1. Take georgous fall pictures all around Ithaca. (Judging by the rainy weather predicted for this week-end, that might be a FAIL)

2. Catch up on the e-mails that I’ve been neglecting

3. Call home, or family members I’ve been meaning to get in touch with

4. Go to a music venue

5. Apply for the GREs

6. Go check out some of the sites around Ithaca

7. Movie marathons with people

8. Do some of the “161 things every Cornellian should do before graduating” like: walking all the 161 steps of the clocktower, eat a pinesburger (what?), see the brain collection in Uris.

As you can see, verrry exciting few days. We’ll see what actually gets done.


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